Date(s) - 01/14/2018
1:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Spaces Currently Filled: 5
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Current Player List:

  • John Turner
  • Ryan Kent
  • Jim
  • Tim Lopez
  • Bear


GM: Megan Bennett-Burks

System: Fate

Note: pregens will be provided. Building your own character is optional.

Setting: A Far Off Land

The world around you is not the only one, and even it is not what it seems.

Embrace your twinned nature, creature both eldritch and human; you are a child born of one world and adopted by the other, and fated to save them both.

 Ah, but, alas, you are much like the world you were born to, also, not what you seem!

There are two worlds; one is the world you were born into, the one you’ve taken for granted as mundane and explicable. The other is the Far off Land; where creatures of myth and magic dwell. This wondrous place was crafted by the gods long ago, and has a vast array of Mythic realms which lie within it. You and your companions are Fated, shapeshifting beings who are of both worlds, and the fate of both worlds might now be in your hands.


Welcome to the Alley of Hobbes (aka Goblin Market) in London, a place which exists at the crossroads of two different worlds. The Ankou, silent enforcers of the Alley’s laws, have been abandoning their task and worse…

The many Fated Factions and Eldritch Courts maintain a truce; the Alley is neutral ground. Even the Seelie and Unseelie courts who once fought most fiercely for control of the Alley abide by this truce. Now, this tense peace is in peril.

Can you find out why the Ankou are abandoning their post? Can you assure the truce remains secure?


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